There a few bands (only one, really) that I love more than Pink Floyd. Of all the Pink Floyd songs, my favorite is Green is the Colour. It was recorded and released in 1969 (just about the best year ever, for many reasons) for The Soundtrack from the Film More.

The original studio version, which you can hear above, is good. But on stage they turned it into a whole different experience. It was a regular part of their live sets from 1969 well into 1971. Back in college, I had one or two bootlegs from those years, but now, thanks to YouTube (and people with way too much free time), there’s an almost endless supply of live Pink Floyd from these years and, hence, lots and lots (and lots) of live versions of the song to listen to.

I’ve made myself a playlist of 15 live versions of the song (well, 14 live versions and one partial rehearsal). I thought I’d share, so here you go. Besides, St. Patrick’s Day is coming so why not?

Yes, I will sit and listen to the same song 15 times in a row. Sometimes more.


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