Let it Be the movie was amazing. They really need to clean it up and re-release. ASAFP.


My first and longest-lasting crush - man or otherwise - was (and is) on John Lennon. I love all the Beatles, but I’ve always bee a John-guy first and foremost.

This performance of Yer Blues from 1969 is a good look and listen.

I enjoy it despite Yoko’s ridiculous caterwauling accompaniment. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like her; she’s an interesting character. But I could do without these goofy sing-alongs. LET THE BEATLE SING, for crying out loud.

But, hey, THE GUY WAS IN LOVE! We’ve all been there…

The Beatles were the best.

The subject of my first (and biggest) man-crush would’ve been 73 yesterday.

Is it getting warmer in here?

I love love love the Beatles and I love (just one love, maybe two) demo and alternative versions of songs, so when the Anthology series came out in the mid-90s, I was in heaven. Even their rejects and demos were brilliant.

Angry John provides my jam for today.

Dig it.

One of John’s best.

And no Yoko caterwauling in the background, thankfully…

Hey, look - the sun is up!